Absolut Rock Edition

absolut_rock_edition2Check out Absolut Vodka’s Rock Edition footage at ABSOLUT Rock Edition. Presenting the Absolut Vodka Rock Edition, we’re being served some rather terrific footage of rock-and-roll photographer Danny Clinch and the rock band Wolfmother.

The whole thing is being presented on the website in a timeline following Danny Clinch and Wolfmother  while recording and performing in LA. Notice the Tags Search option which is also pretty neat.

Pretty awesome but then again so is Absolut Vodka ain’t it!? ;)


Wtf 48 hours??!


What just happened?! In the past 48 hours President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Say what? The Norwegian Nobel Committee seems totally off – awarding the Nobel Peace Prize – sounds more like a sick joke to me. Like The Man (President Obama) hasn’t been idealized enough already? Don’t get me wrong, I am PRO Obama! But the guy is doomed to fail. After 8 years of mischief by the BUSH-administration he took office in a time of war, terrorist threats, global recession and a flu epidemic. Meanwhile The Man is trying to reform the US healthcare system and of course let’s not forget the environmental climate problem. President Obama is basically doomed to fail! Being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.. worst thing that could happen next is President Obama receiving the title of saint by the Vatican. Unlikely you say – something tells me 48 hours ago you would’ve said the same thing about him receiving the NPP. Anyway give him a break – he ain’t God nor almighty. The more he’s being idealized and glorified, the greater chances are he’ll fail to accomplish all these expectations. Watch his acceptance speech on YouTube > President Obama On Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Marge Simpson, universe most famous Mom will appear on Playboy’s November cover. The edition will feature a data sheet, an interview and a 2-page centerfold. What better way for “The Simpsons” to celebrate their 20th anniversary?! I wonder what Homer’s reaction was and what Lisa’s objections will be for objectifying women.

Marge Simpson Playboy Cover


Remind me why I put Miley Cyrus in this post? Oh yes she erased her Twitter account and published a rap about the reason why.. But again why am I saying this? Watch it on YouTube but be advised, it’s err.. well it’s Miley Cyrus rapping..  > Goodbye Twitter

It has been a most interesting 48 hours on the internet with all these eerie and surreal phenomena.

Tomorrowland 2009

Was dazzled and amazed at Tomorrowland this weekend. Made a nice horizontal series of pictures of the incredible stage during Martin Solveig’s set. To see it properly “click it – watch it in full resolution and scroll to the right” ;)


If you wanna know more about this dance festival visit Tomorrowland

Got you a sweet piece of video after the jump of Felix Da Housecat on Mainstage

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Mad Men Yourself

AMC launched a stylish “Mad Men*create your own avatar* site, Mad Men Yourself. Awaiting season 3, airing next month August 16th, AMC invites you to create your own Mad Men inspired character. Displaying all the necessary 1960’s gimmicks for you to build your character on. Lovely illustrations by Dyna Moe.



Do you remember this one?  Ah childhood memories – looking back, this is definitely one of the most bizarre movies I remember. I’ve forgotten all about this movie – until, I think it was last week, it suddenly just popped up in my mind riding the cable car. (“Why?”, you say) Well I especially remember the “bad guy” in this movie – there’s a fella on the cable car that actually looks exactly like him (that’s why). Anyway I had “Howard the Duck” on tape growing up and I must have seen it a million times (along with some other great movies).

Enjoy the epic opening scene / trailer (I’m not sure). Great movie – great childhood memories!

Note: George Lucas is actually listed as Executive Producer on Howard the Duck.

Another Late Night

Latest edition of Another Late Night at “De Markten” in Brussels this Friday, May 29th 2009 .

You’ll notice there are some other locations among  the pictures just to reflect how vibrant the streets were this weekend due to the Brussels Jazz Marathon and the incredible nice weather of course.

This party was the 7th edition of “Another Late Night” and you could say it’s becoming a tradition; it kept going from dusk till dawn.

We were presented the greatest and most ripping beats by the Oscillations Crew:  Captain Starlight, Sixsixsixties and The Michael serving the finest Disco, House, Synthpop, Electro and much more.

Most pictures were taken by Vijay Diels and myself in and around “De Markten”.


I wasn’t a great admirer of Coca Cola’s last “Happiness Factory” commercial. Mainly because of the high standard Coca Cola had set with their previous Happy Factory commercials. I’m sure you remember the contagious yawn infecting the entire Happiness Factory. This, in my opinion, lacked the exceptional level of storytelling compared to its predecessors. But it seems the Happiness Factory will get a little (well earned) vacation during summer. 

Nevertheless Coca Cola is about to launch a multi-million pound European campaign introducing their new summer platform “Yeah Yeah Yeah, La La La”.

The television campaign ad features an exclusive track by Scottish electro – disco singer, songwriter Calvin Harris and goes, obviously, by the name of “Yeah Yeah Yeah, La La La”.

The campaign includes a television ad, digital media, outdoor advertising, on-pack promotion offering consumers free music downloads at Coke Zone and other money-can’t-buy prizes. It aims at capturing the essence of summer and inspiring people to say yes to the opportunities that summer brings.

Cathryn Sleight, Marketing Director for CCGB, comments:
“Much like hearing Holidays Are Coming at Christmas, with this campaign we’re looking to build anticipation and excitement throughout the summer. The upbeat track on the new ad depicts a summery sound which we hope will build positive feeling around the brand over the summer months.”

It seems like these little Gizmo – Gremlins’ like creatures will become the new ambassadors of Coca Cola during next summer. So far the campaign seems to evolve around them. I stumbled onto @OpenHappiness on Twitter containing a YouTube link to the television spot and other featurettes but also an interactive site devoted to these little creatures and their chants. Coke Creatures dot com was developed by Mediatronica, who were recently nominated for two Webby Awards regarding earlier projects. The site features an interactive game in which you get to manipulate (causing no harm) the Coke Creatures but also more common things like wallpapers or screensavers.

Also visit Coke Creatures on Facebook  or Flickr.

I wonder whether Coke Creatures will be able to seduce consumers like the Happiness Factory did. Check the image below presenting each individual character or check the YouTube page for the Making Of.


Guardian.co.ukCoca ColaMarketingMagazine.co.uk

Credits for this campaign after the jump.

Axe: The Fixers

This campaign has launched for over two months now. Still I think it has enough appeal to dedicate a post to it.

Axe launched “The Fixer Show” presenting their 4 different shower gels and body sprays respectively known as “Snake Peel”, “Shock”, “Fever” and “Recovery”.


The Fixer Show is that typical over the top, exaggerated television talk show relieving and preventing you of all stupid things you’ve done or might still do. The website presents a series of pranks and enables you to upload the whole display. The whole show is accessible on the website The Fixers or on their YouTube Channel.

The Fixers vow:  “No matter what goes down, Axe will fix guys up with their new line of body washes and body sprays designed to help guys combat common mating game problems”.

The campaign was promoted by a catchy television spot named “The Odyssey” displaying some random Axe lunacy. Great tune and a really enjoyable clip.


OutliersI just finished reading this amazing book, “Outliers”, by Malcolm Gladwell.

As described on his website “Outlier” is a scientific term to describe things or phenomena that lie outside normal experience.

This book tells the story of those men and women best described as “Outliers”. The kind of people we think of as naturally gifted, extremely smart or exceedingly driven.

But this book goes beyond unquestioned assumptions and analyzing the clear given fact of being gifted. It examines success based on culture, family, society, zeitgeist and other effects undeniably influencing the path to success for those “outliers”.

I was amazed discovering the many similar patterns these “outliers” – successful people share.

Just so you understand; this book isn’t a manual to success nor is it some psychological, spiritual guide for you to rely on to be successful.

I would best describe it as a scientific report that reads like a thriller, revealing some incredible truths.

Check out Malcolm Gladwell’s site for more information and some excerpts from the book.


Cadbury’s ‘eyebrow dance ad by Fallon

If you wanna know more about this ad and the agency who made it, read the following article > Guardian